“Show A Little Love” Campaign to Target CTS this Valentine’s Day

For years people living near the abandoned CTS superfund site in Arden have dealt with a toxic and carcinogenic soup of trichloroethylene (TCE) and other chemicals that oozes off-site, contaminating air, water and soil.

Just this summer nearby families were relocated because of dangerous TCE vapor. Children are particularly vulnerable.

Even though the company no longer operates in Asheville, CTS is a viable multi-million dollar corporation based in Elkhart, IN, nicknamed “The City with a Heart.”

This Valentine’s Day, area residents and friends will call on CTS officials to “have a heart” by immediately conducting a complete cleanup of poisons the corporation left behind decades ago.

POWER Action Group will deliver signed Valentine’s cards, video post cards, and a petition with over 1,200 signatures to CTS officials asking them to do the right thing and show Asheville a little love.

We invite you to join us. Add your name to our online petition. You can also make a Valentine’s Day card that we’ll send to CTS, or go a little more high-tech and make a video post card! For more info or to get instructions on how to make the video postcard, please visit our website or email info@POWERactiongroup.org.