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Proposed NC law would limit disclosure of harmful contaminants in water

Oppose House Bill 1005 / Senate Bill 779

People in our community around the CTS site know what it is like to fear that contaminated well water is affecting their families’ health. For many years while CTS has dragged its feet to cleanup the site, residents have had allies in the Buncombe County Health Department, who have always been willing to talk through information and explain the latest science about health risks of TCE and other chemicals.

Most families in the area now have filtration systems and/or public water line hookups, but not everyone in NC is so lucky. The NC General Assembly is considering a bill that would prohibit local and state health officials from warning residents about any contaminants found in their water that might harm their health unless they are among a limited set of chemicals that have federal or state standards, and the amount in the water exceeds that standard. This could keep health experts from providing helpful information to North Carolinians about whether their health could be at risk due to what’s in their drinking water!

Drinking water is not a partisan issue. Call your Representative and Senator now (look them up by county here, then click their name to view contact information), to ask them to oppose “Issuance of Advisories/Drinking Water Stds” bill!

View Clean Water for NC’s factsheet on the bill.

Please call or email your state representative and state senator today!