POWER’s progress

Since its inception, POWER has made significant progress including:

  • Pushing for continued attention to the NAPL clean-up and fighting for more air sampling at adjacent properties. At POWER’s urging, the EPA developed a work plan to remove buried barrels at the site.
  • Working closely with county and city leaders to extend water lines and ensure that citizens have accurate information.
  • Hiring a community technical advisor, resulting in more effective community input into the Superfund process and decision making.
  • Helping to identify opportunities for early remediation of some of the contaminants, resulting in EPA requesting work plans and technical evaluation to remediate the contaminants.
  • Encouraging Buncombe County Commissioners to seek cost recovery from CTS for water line construction and building demolition.
  • Hosting a public meeting on the site clean-up in July 2014 attended by EPA, community members and numerous public officials and their representatives.
  • We also encourage you to get involved!