POWER Calls on EPA to Remove Uncontrolled Contamination

Recent data shows that a large amount of TCE (a known human carcinogen) continues to migrate without control from beneath the CTS of Asheville site. The former electroplating facility was added to the EPA’s Superfund list for high-priority toxic sites in March of 2012, meaning that it poses significant risk to human health and the environment.

The site is at the top of a hill relative to hundreds of homes within a one-mile radius. POWER is concerned because a large amount of already identified unconfined source material (TCE) is still present under the CTS facility. Because of bedrock fractures, it is not clear exactly where this uncontained mass of TCE is going.

Data from 2009 show extremely high concentrations of TCE in two top-of-bedrock monitoring wells on the site: 35,000 parts per billion (ppb) and 42,000 ppb. The EPA’s maximum contaminant level for TCE in drinking water is 5 ppb, so these levels are thousands of times higher than what is considered safe. The continued leaching of this toxin presents a threat to humans, animals and the environment well beyond the gated perimeter of the CTS facility.

POWER is calling on the EPA to STOP and REMOVE the known high levels of contamination oozing uncontrolled from the CTS site and DO IT NOW.