Delayed Testing Begins at CTS Site

In a step forward for the South Asheville community, POWER members have successfully advocated for delayed testing at the CTS of Asheville Superfund Site to be recommenced.

These tests, overseen by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), are designed determine the full extent of the contamination at the CTS Site. Such tests will lay the groundwork for a cleanup, or remediation of contaminated soil, at the site.

Testing has been initiated at the Site and is expected to last through December.

Lee Ann Smith, chair of POWER, said in a statement, “We are celebrating this sampling event because it will bring us one step closer to the full-scale cleanup that we seek. We were hoping it would start back at the beginning of the year, but we are glad that they are continuing with the sampling without stalling.”

As citizens continue to advocate for their health, this current round of testing will help safeguard people from carcinogens, such as trichloroethylene (TCE), dumped at the CTS site many years ago.

In this opinion piece for the Asheville Citizen-Times, Katie Hicks, the Assistant Director for Clean Water for North Carolina, discussed how the South Asheville community has suffered for decades due to CTS Corporation’s pollution. This new round of testing, she said, is “not an ultimate solution, but [it] is a step in the right direction, and cause to celebrate as community members continue to speak out for a full cleanup.”

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