CTS Lawsuit Headed to Supreme Court

The lawsuit that members of the South Asheville community filed against CTS Corporation is headed to the Supreme Court. After the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the community, CTS Corporation–the company that has polluted South Asheville for decades–appealed. Last week, the Supreme Court said that they would hear the appeal.

The Court’s decision could have powerful implications for citizens’ lawsuits against polluters and for the Environmental Justice movement in general, which calls for “universal protection” against toxic wastes. While POWER would have rather the Court have rejected CTS’s appeal, we believe the Supreme Court now has the opportunity to enforce a full-scale cleanup of the CTS of Asheville Superfund site and provide a precedent for contaminated sites–and inflicted communities–across the nation. Read more about the lawsuit here: http://www.courthousenews.com/2014/01/10/64440.htm

As the EPA continues to test for toxins at the site, POWER will work to hold the Agency accountable. Read the most recent EPA community update here: CTS Community Update 12.11.2013.