Cleanup Action Update at CTS of Asheville

During the last week of May the Electric Resistance Heating (ERH) system was powered up to 50% (300 Volts per each electrode) and experienced no issues. The vapor recovery wells and thermal oxidizer were fired-up the beginning of June. Heating and recovery is now underway and working well.
Modems convey information from air monitors to a cloud-based data site. In June a couple of those monitors encountered a manufacturer glitch. Readings were taken by hand and the data was uploaded. There were no equipment failures involving extraction of the contaminant. 
More information about the above mentioned event, details on progression of cleanup at the CTS site, and general information on the site can be viewed on EPA’s CTS website here.
You can view the most recent report and photographs from the community’s independent technical adviser here.
If you have questions or concerns, or want to become involved, contact