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POWER Action Group was established in August 2012 by concerned community members to represent the interests of people who live near the contaminated CTS of Asheville Superfund site North Carolina.

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CTS closed its Asheville facility in 1986 but left tons of trichloroethylene (TCE) and other chemicals buried in the ground. These carcinogens are infiltrating our air, soil, and water. To safeguard human health and the environment, POWER is advocating for removal action, paid for by CTS Corporation, which is still alive and well in Indiana. For more information on the History of the CTS site, click here.

In the interest of arming community members with knowledge, and expediting a full-scale cleanup, POWER’s Goals and Objectives are to:

  • Share accurate information with community members regarding the CTS site, and offer resources for obtaining answers to questions residents may have
  • Provide realistic recommendations and input on short and long-term actions to be taken regarding remediation and cleanup of the site.
  • Communicate clearly, professionally, and effectively with all interested parties, including EPA and NC DENR representatives, other government entities, community non-profits, and elected local, state and federal officials.
  • Develop a thorough understanding of the CTS of Asheville site from the standpoint of environmental and health implications, remediation options, and overall community development.
  • Serve as an ongoing vehicle for information-sharing and discussion regarding decision-making related to the CTS of Asheville site.

POWER Action Group is incorporated and registered with the NC Secretary of State.DSC00956

POWER is a member of the NC Conservation Network.

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